In life, we’re going to hit bumps in the road.

If you own or run a business, you’re going to hit even more bumps in the road.

Generally, these bumps are harmless. They’re annoying and distracting but generally we get over them.

But, sometimes, there are things that we hit that we never saw coming.

They are things that are devastating and seemingly take over our lives.

When I was 36, in a matter of a few weeks, I lost most of my eye-sight and was told I would eventually be completely blind.

Out of the blue, I was diagnosed with an eye disease and declared legally blind.

My world came to a grinding halt. All of a sudden, I could not function normally. I experienced vertigo daily. My world was constantly blurry and dizzy.

Up until that point, I made most of my living with my eyes. I had to see people, read their expressions and body language. I had to see businesses and how they were laid out. I had to figure out how to make them more efficient and eliminate waste. I had to see products and customers. I had to see creditors, suppliers and employees. And, I had to read numbers….thousands and thousands of numbers — every day. I had to travel. I was averaging 100 plane trips a year. How was I going to do all of this with no eye-sight?

After months of being depressed and living in fear and anger, I decided to get over it. I just decided that I was going to use this mountain to make me into a better person. In the coming years I decided to see as much as I could, memorize what I saw, and learn to do things with my hands. I traveled to Outer Mongolia to live with nomads and learn how to train with eagles. I spent extended periods of time with Benedictine Monks learning to make cheese and live in silence. I learned how to make shoes, hoping to make a pair for each of my friends and family. I spent more time with my family in Italy and Canada making wine and prosciutto. I moved slower because I had to. But, as my physical world slowed I paid attention more. I listened and felt at a much deeper level than I ever had. It gave me a richer experience of life.

When you read the entire book, you will learn how this crisis with my vision only helped me to become smarter, stronger and even more successful in business. You will read how I went on to grow my consulting business and manage multiple companies in different industries, with hundreds of millions in revenue and thousands of employees —  I did all of this while I was legally blind and my vision continued to diminish every year.

If a mountain should fall on your head, thank it. That mountain is giving you a chance to define yourself.

As long as there is air in your lungs and your heart is beating — never give up.

If you need help, call me.