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“I love sharing stories and lessons from my years of working in chaotic, complex and often dangerous corporate environments. Contact me for availability.”

Less Than Zero

What do you do when you are past the bottom? When others already have you buried? When you don’t have cash, credit, time or will power – what do you do? In this dynamic session, I share stories of extreme corporate survival. Stories of companies that were already pronounced dead before they hired me.  I teach techniques of how a company can absolutely succeed they appear to have absolutely nothing.

Circle of Death

You’re going down and everyone knows it. The predators are lingering – what do you do? In this session, I teach how to distinguish and negotiate with your biggest threats. I help you understand the difference between a bear, a shark and a vulture . . . and, how to survive all of them.


Owning and managing a business has unrelenting demands that can overwhelm even the strongest and most resilient people. In this session, I share stories from years of having to manage at lightening speed and always having to choose between bad and worse. I teach techniques that alleviate pressure and struggle from the life of an entrepreneur and manager.

Live Forever

A business is a living entity. When a business dies a community dies. In this session, I share stories from companies that I managed that were more than 100 years old. I illuminate the power of business and people working together. From my experience, I share the wisdom of others that can help companies truly live forever.

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