Corporate Undertaker by Domenic Aversa

Corporate Undertaker

A struggling business doesn’t have to die.

There are 28 million small businesses in America. 50% of them will not make it past their fifth year. 70% won’t make it past their tenth year. I am an operational turnaround expert. I have spent more than 25 years working tirelessly to save troubled companies from financial ruin. Owning and managing a business is filled with constant adversity. I am here to help all those facing any level of challenge. There’s life in every business, I will help you find it.

Corporate Undertaker by Domenic Aversa

Are you prepared for the coming year?

An economic slowdown does not cause problems–it only highlights them. The real source of the problems in a business starts when the economy is booming.

“There is a vibrant life in every business, I will help you find it.

Domenic Aversa

Crisis Expert | Speaker | Author

What worries you most?

Even when things are going well, owning or managing a business is difficult. Every day you are faced with countless questions and decisions that you absolutely need make. There is a constant buzz of concerns running through your mind; checking and re-checking. It’s a worry that never ends.

What if you . . .

lost your top three customers?

What if there . . .

were changes in laws that affected your product or service?

What if your . . .

IT system was hacked or crashed?

What if you . . .

lost your top two suppliers?

What if your . . .

bank called your loan?

What if you . . .

lost your best salesperson?

Domenic Aversa

Turnaround Expert | Speaker | Author

I have worked with 200 companies in 45 different industries, the number one reason businesses fail – they wait too long to make meaningful change.

Owners, managers, board of directors and even creditors all avoid addressing real issues. In general, people don’t want to be confrontational. They don’t want to “step on toes,” “speak out of line,” “hurt feelings.” They just want to be “part of the team.”  This is a nice environment to work in but it’s also an environment where small problems will be glossed over. Little problems begin to accumulate. Eventually, they become big problems.

How much time do you have before your big problems put you out of business? It all depends on how much cash your business is generating, how much credit you can borrow against your assets . . . and, mostly, how much patience your creditors are willing to extend to you.

Here’s what I can do to help you:

Why wait to find out the answers to those questions?

Be Part of the Living . . .

I have spent decades working in an extreme corporate environment. All of my clients were short on three things: time, cash and emotional stability.

To help them, I had to work fast, creatively and inclusively.

As a result of constantly working at death’s door, I became resilient at finding threats to the business and quickly turning them into opportunities.

My process is straightforward; I listen, explore and help create a faster path toward greater cash flow and increased profitability–always.

Domenic’s Approach & Philosophy

In the past 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with more than 150 different companies. As CEO, CRO or COO, I have directly managed more than 6,000 employees and served as an advisor on tens of thousands more in dozens of different industries. In this same period of time I have helped to restructure and refinance several billions of dollars of debt for my clients.

I have worked hard to learn every facet of a company’s life. I spent most of my years in the turnaround and restructuring worlds. They were complex, fast-paced and highly charged. Often times there were no right answers. Our choices were between bad and worse. It was in this environment where I learned to separate good from bad, find the highest value in people and products and mostly, how to do all of this with no money and little time.

Today, I focus most of my efforts on helping healthy companies avoid a crisis. And, on occasion, I still jump into a fire, trying to save a business from the brink.

I look forward to working with you,

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